Cannot get RSCloud to run simple code due to some sort of continuous server error...

So, After scouring the net for solutions that might work, I'm just not finding them, even though the question has been asked in tons of ways with various answers here and elsewhere. I cannot get past this "Error in open.connection(x, "rb") : HTTP error 503." issue. I'm using RStudio cloud, the latest version, on a windows based laptop from my home. I've tried so many things, but simply cannot get past this initial "handshake" of my computer with virtually ANY site. I've tried Amazon, IMDB, Glassdoor etc etc, just to try and practice for text mining for my school work, and I can't go any further as they all throw this issue.

Here is the code I'm trying today:

#Un-comment and load in the necessary packages, if required. 


#Assign the pages url and read it in.
link = ""
page = read_html(link)

#Inspect and assign names to required associated html/css tags from the pages code.

emp_status = page %>% 
  html_nodes(".eg4psks0") %>% 
headline = page %>% 
  html_nodes(".reviewLink") %>% 
rating = page %>% 
  html_nodes("#ReviewsFeed .mr-xsm") %>% 
pros = page %>% 
  html_nodes(".v2__EIReviewDetailsV2__fullWidth:nth-child(1) span") %>% 
cons = page %>% 
  html_nodes(".v2__EIReviewDetailsV2__fullWidth:nth-child(2) span") %>% 

#Save a data frame with the associated variables and their contents for analysis.

tesla_emp_reviews = data.frame(emp_status, headline, rating, pros, cons, stringsAsFactors = FALSE)

Please help. This is incredibly frustrating. I should be working on learning looping functions over multiple pages, "rests" (robots.txt/Polite pkg) and mapping (purrr pkg) et al months ago, but will not go further until I can at least see this part of the process function correctly. Thank you all...

you are missing l in html at the end of your link

edit: sorry thats not it

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