Cannot find gh-pages in GitHub

Dear list members,

I am developing a packages but when using the function:

use_pkgdown_github_pages(), I got the following error. I have a main and gh-pages branches in my GitHub repository.

:heavy_check_mark: Setting active project to '/Users/manuelspinola/Documents/R/R_packages/cacc20212040'
Overwrite pre-existing file '_pkgdown.yml'?

1: Not now
2: Yes
3: Absolutely not

Selection: 2
:heavy_check_mark: Writing '_pkgdown.yml'
• Modify '_pkgdown.yml'
:heavy_check_mark: Activating GitHub Pages for 'ManuelSpinola/cacc20212040'
Error in gh::gh():
! GitHub API error (404): Not Found
:heavy_multiplication_x: URL not found:
:information_source:
Run rlang::last_trace() to see where the error occurred.

Just to eliminate the "easy" solution, does usethis::git_sitrep() indicate any problem with your GitHub credentials?

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