Cannot find dwtest; no lmtest or car in packages

For an assignment (due in 11 hours :frowning:) I am supposed to perform an analysis including finding the independence of the residuals, which requires the Durbin-Watson test. However, my Rstudio doesn't allow me to perform dwtest(). It says "could not find function 'dwtest.'" Online research led to me look for car and lmtest in packages but not only are these not downloaded to my copy of Rstudio, but they don't appear when I search to download them. I can't find anything helpful on how to download something that will allow me to use dwtest or durbinWatsonTest as functions.

You should be able to do this by going to the menu Tools -> Install Packages. A small dialog will appear. Enter


in the box labeled Packages and then click the button labeled Install. A bunch of stuff will be printed in the console. When it is done, look for any error message. If there are none, you can run the command


and then use the dwtest() function.

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