Cannot find data source file for this R tutorial

I'm following this tutorial about Principal Components Analysis (PCA)

There, the author mentions the following file: data/my_basket.csv but I cannot find such file.

My question is: Do you know where can I get it from?

Down below the author says it contains the following sample data:

Item 1 Item 2 Correlation
cheese mayonnaise 0.345
bulmers fosters 0.335
cheese bread 0.320
lasagna pizza 0.316
pepsi coke 0.309
red-wine fosters 0.308
milk muesli 0.302
mars twix 0.301
red-wine bulmers 0.298
bulmers kronenbourg 0.289
milk tea 0.288
red-wine kronenbourg 0.286
7up coke 0.282
spinach broccoli 0.282
mayonnaise bread 0.278
peas potatoes 0.271
peas carrots 0.270
tea instant-coffee 0.270
milk instant-coffee 0.267
bread lettuce 0.264
twix kitkat 0.259
mars kitkat 0.255
muesli instant-coffee 0.251


You can download it from the github repo for the book

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thank you @andresrcs that worked!

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