Cannot Extract the Citation and Index information in R with the 'scholar'

Hello I want to extract the citation, h-index and i10-index from Google Scholar in R with the package 'scholar' but it returns an error. Can you help me fix it? I really appreciate it.


professors <- data.frame(
  name = c("John Smith", "Jane Doe", "Mike Johnson"),
  school = c("Harvard University", "Stanford University", "MIT")

get_citation_info <- function(name, school) {
  query <- paste(name, school, sep = " ")
  result <- scholar(query, pages = 1)
  citation <- result$metrics$citations
  index <- result$metrics$hindex
  return(data.frame(name = name, school = school, citation = citation, index = index))

citation_info <- mapply(get_citation_info, professors$name, professors$school, SIMPLIFY = FALSE)
citation_info <-, citation_info)

Screenshot 2023-03-14 at 17.30.33

The error indicates that a function is not in namespace, which it should be following library(scholar) leading to looking at ??scholar and finding that no such function is listed. Did you mean to use

get_scholar_id(first_name = "michael", last_name = "sander", affiliation = "Mines")
#> [1] "PZpkMDUAAAAJ"

Created on 2023-03-14 with reprex v2.0.2

Thanks for your reply. I have a list of professors' names and I want to have their citation and index based on their names. Do you have any other suggestions?

Yes, use the form of the example—first,last,affiliation. If you have more than a handful, make each a vector, put those in a list and use lapply.

Thanks for your suggestions and I'll try it. Really appreciate it.

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