Cannot display an image

I'm trying to insert an image from my computer into an RMarkdown document. The image is located at "K:/WW_Reporting/rMarkdown/Logo_address.png" and my rMarkdown file is located in the same rMarkdown folder. I've tried putting the image in a subfolder under rMarkdown called "images" and linking to that also.
The code I've tried:

knitr::opts_chunk$set(echo = TRUE)



and my image displays in my file but not on the knit html document. This is my first time trying RMarkdown. Is there something wrong with the location of my files? is there something else I should be doing? please help!

Is the image in the png image relatively to your Rmd document ?

You should try knitr::include_graphics with a relative path to the image.

is "images/Logo_address.png" a relative address? I have the image saved in the same folder as my .rmd file, and in a subfolder (images) and I've tried


with and without the address in quotes and it says it can't find the file. If I write the whole path the page knits with a broken image placeholder.

What is the format of your document ? Can you share a Rmd file ?
Have you updated your packages ? Could help sometimes.

I think the issue has something to do with RShiny. My RMarkdown code is one I copied from a site demonstrating how to use RShiny embedded into RMarkdown and I just added the image to the top because I'm experimenting with how to make reports from the RShiny app that I currently have.

It is possible yes.
It would be helpful to have a reproducible example of what you are trying to do in order to be able to help futher.

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