Cannot create a package with devtools


I would like to create my own package, so I did : New Project/New Directory/R package using devtools
Then I put "mypackage" in Directory Name and choose the folder, but when I click on "Create Project", I got the error message :

Error in get(name, envir = asNamespace(pkg), inherits = FALSE) : 
  object 'create' not found

I think I have all the required packages installed (devtools, roygen2, ...)
I use R version : 3.6.0 and RStudio version : 1.1.442

But I didn't find how to resolve my problem... I am open to any help :slight_smile:

If someone else has the same problem it might be useful to know that my problem became from the version 2.1.0 of devtools, it works with version 2.0.1 :slight_smile:

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