Cannot Connect to Neo4j AuraDB Instance from R Studio

Hello! Please, I created a Neo4j AuraDB database where I have dumped the movie recommendation dataset. I am able to start and connect to the instance in the cloud. However, when I try to connect to the instance via its API in R Studio, using the neo4r package and the following code:

movieDB <- neo4j_api$new(
  url = curl("neo4j+s://"),
  user = "neo4j",
  password = "password"


I get the error message in my console Error: Could not resolve host: 7 . Also, when I try to start a graph with the following code:

graph <- startGraph(
  url = curl("neo4j+s://"),
  user = "neo4j",
  password = "password"

I also get the following error message in my console:

Error in function (type, msg, asError = TRUE)  : 
  Could not resolve host: 8

I do not know why the error is happening, as I have previously connected to a Neo4j sandbox instance from within R Studio without any hassle. As always, I will appreciate your helpful suggestions. Thanks!

According to Chapter 3 Connection | Using R & Neo4J you need to use http:// access instead of neo4j+s://.

Double post in How Do I Connect to a Neo4J AuraDB Instance from R Studio - Stack Overflow

Thanks. I have tried that, but I get the error message in my console:

Error: Could not resolve host: 4

I am not sure if the R driver supports AuraDB's Bolt protocol

According to GitHub - neo4j-rstats/neo4r at dev it only supports http and https. The curl command to neo4j+s://..fails because curl does not support this type of URL.

I can connect/resolve URL via port 7474 though but this probably does not help.

A github issue confirming the lack of https support for Aura DB is Cannot connect to Neo4j Aura · Issue #92 · neo4j-rstats/neo4r · GitHub

You may ask there if there is any timelines to include bolt support in neo4r.


get's me status code 200.

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