Cannot check box on Github pane in RStudio

Hello, I am having an issue similar to that reported by

RStudio and Github have been working fine in the past on my Windows machine. However, suddenly the Git pane for my project seems very slow and ultimately becomes unresponsive. I am unable to check the boxes to commit / push my files to Github. I'm experiencing these problems on a Windows machine, but the same process works fine on my Mac laptop.

Has anyone encountered a similar issue before?

Thank you.


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Hi @agrogan! Welcome!

Mysterious slowness issues can be very frustrating, and unfortunately also can be system-specific and difficult to debug :weary:. I’m afraid I don’t know what might be wrong, but here are a few things to try based on past discussions here and elsewhere:

If none of that is getting you anywhere, you might try working through some of the articles in the RStudio Desktop Troubleshooting Guide.


Thanks! That's actually super-helpful.

The Github repo lives on a cloud folder ( that is synced to my various computers, so that may be the issue. If the problem re-emerges, I will experiment with moving the repo to my local machine.

I also read on an R forum somewhere (can't find the link now) that this is a known issue that sometimes appears and then mysteriously goes away.

After rebooting my machine several times, the issue went away, so I'll wait to see if it re-appears and try some of the suggested solutions.

Much appreciated.

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