Cannot access libraries

I have a strange problem on a computer that worked fine a few weeks ago.

The problem is that R cannot access the libraries under “C:\program files....”. My user is system administrator (Win 10) and all the software are installed by Administrator and I also start R as administrator.

Warning message:

In normalizePath(path.expand(path), winslash, mustWork) :

path[1]="c:\Program\R\R-3.6.1\library": Access denied

I had to change “libPaths” to point to a different location and install all packages again. In my script I added the following at the beginning


Now I can run my script from R and RStudio. But I want to start my script with “rscript” using a BAT file. The same script that works in R and RStudio does not work when it is launched by rscript .

The libPaths still points to "c:\Program\R\R-3.6.1\library" despite having the command to change it in the first row of the code.

So, there are actually 2 problems:

  • R cannot access libraries under “C:\program files....”.
  • Starting the script (pointing to new “libPaths”) with “rscript” does not work while the same script works in R and RStudio

I appreciate all the help.



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