cancel/stop unresponsive

Hey, running R-Studio technician on a windows 7 box, trying to recover stuff from a Toshiba USB drive (never buy one of those, just saying) and the drive is really glitched... constant failure to read errors..

Anyway, I have been running the recover stuff for a few weeks now (yes, weeks) and I want to stop the scan so I can save the drive information and check what it has found for files.

The problem is, no matter how many times I hit esc, or stop... the drive continues to scan. Suggestions on how I can get this to stop so I can save the scan information? Thanks kindly in advance :slight_smile:


You're on the forum for the programing software RStudio IDE.

You want the R-Studio data recovery software:
Technician Package (

ops, my bad... thanks :slight_smile:

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