Can you zoom in on diagram in RMarkdown?


I am building a pkgdown vignette with multiple DiagrammeR::mermaid diagrams that are a bit wide to visualize properly with standard settings, see a dummy example below. Is there a way to zoom in on the diagram or widen the margins on RMarkdown to make it easier to see?

In case it helps, in quarto, :::{.column-screen} does the job well.

Thanks for the help!

```{r diagram-example, echo=FALSE}

    participant script1
    participant script2 
    participant script3
    participant script4 
    participant script5 
    participant script6 
    participant script7 

    note over script1: path/to/setup/file
    note right of script1: data filters
    note over script2: path/to/file/1
    script1 -->> script5 : data/data-file-1
    script1 -->> script6: ddata/data-file-2
    note over script5, script6: filter q==1

    script5 ->> script7 : p1 = 1
    script6 ->> script7 : p2 = 2

    script7 ->> script4: unified vars
    note over script7, dat: note on data 

    script4 ->> script2: master data
    note over script2: categorical vars
    script2 ->> script3: data merge

  	note over script4: output-file-name-1

  	note over script4: output-file-name-2
  width = '100%', height = '100%')

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