Can you run an R stats package offline within a mobile app? For humanitarian work

Hi all! For a humanitarian project we are looking at processing data offline collected through a mobile app, using an R stats package, ideally functional on a low cost mobile phone. The purpose is to do some (fairly complex) analysis of the data collected, and display the results in the app visually. The app would both collect the data and analyze the data. I saw that you can run R offline using GNUroot Debian - - but the need is to run an R package within an app that can be published in the Android play store. From the user point of view, the number crunching would be in the background, with a button press.

I also read that you can call C code from Java, and R code from C, so theoretically could run R from a Java-based app.

Any ideas on how this might be implemented would be appreciated, thanks!

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