Can you have Firefox/GeckoDriver or Chrome/ChromeDriver in any version of Posit Cloud/Shiny/Workbench?

Reference Question: Working with Selenium in Rstudio cloud

Recently, I notice that someone asked a pretty popular question having trouble Getting Started in Selenium but this time in the Rstudio Cloud. They are accepting most of the defaults and by default RSelenium opens a regular browser window. This creates a problem in the Posit / Rstudio Cloud because the chrome executable is not installed by default. (see 1 for elaboration)

While making the browser headless (like in original question), there are certain limits to headless chrome that hamper the learning process of webscraping regardless of if you use RSelenium, python's Selenium, or python's Selenium VM containers. (see 2 for elaboration)

I am opening wondering if from a Posit's service or marketing standpoint, is there any possible chance a user could open up FireFox or Chrome browser from Rstudio Desktop IDE in the Rstudio Cloud? How flexible in helping the user or allowing the user to install browsers?

P.S. If that is not possible then it could it be an extension or add on so that Selenium IDE extension can be used in the Rstudio Cloud?

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