Can we use NLS with tidymodels?

E.g. linear regression init with tidy models:

linear_reg() |> set_engine('lm') |> set_mode('regression')
Linear Regression Model Specification (regression)

Computational engine: lm 

Tried changing engine to nls:

linear_reg() |> set_engine('nls') |> set_mode('regression')
Error: Engine 'nls' is not supported for `linear_reg()`. See `show_engines('linear_reg')`.

I think linear_reg() is called a 'mode'? I tried looking for other modes but could not see one to use with nls.

But, searching just "tidymodels nls" returns many pages referencing broom and nls and other pages, so I wondered if I'm just not finding it.

Is it possible to use NLS within a tidymodels workflow?

Like in here?

I came across that post while searching for a solution. I was looking for something within the workflow I've been learning about wrt tidy models and could not see the same on there. E.g. tidy models workflow of init model > set mode > set engine.

Although the article is on tidy models documentation page, they are using the package just for bootstrapping, not for a tidy models workflow as far as I can tell.

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