Can we hide the enormous banner at the top of RStudio Community?

This enormous banner appeared a few weeks ago. I'm not sure what it's purpose is but all it does it eat up screen real estate and make me have to scroll down to the questions a lot.

Is there any way to hide it?


I agree. This adds nothing to the site that couldn't be accommodated in the top nav bar.

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I also find it annoying and without practical purpose, I have also requested colors back in the category tags but no luck so far.


A small banner might be useful because there are many discourse sites around and it makes it better recognizable. That hug empty space is a stylish blunder.

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I am sorry this is not well received.

Those three icons are to become links, which guide different user-personas to resources appropriate to them. One for learners (find help), one for folks interested in contributing more, and one for more ways to engage with the community (explore). These sections are still in a draft phase, but I'd love to open them up to you for your feedback.

A survey of new users and folks who'd like to make use of the site suggests people who aren't that familiar with discussion forums or are uncomfortable with them need some added guidance to engage with the site well. That is.

Stay tuned and I'll follow-up with drafts of these persona pages and the thinking behind the recent changes. I'd really appreciate your feedback.

Wouldn't a small side menu be enough?
-New users go here
-To contribute more go here

You don't want to hurt the usability of the site. Another website I frequent made changes to become more user friendly and it just became a huge pain in the ass for regular users.


Think Tufte: ink to info ratio

I think it's the size that does it in. Also, if you select Discuss (or ask—the one that's supposed to be the forum part) it leaves you at the top above the banner (actually it scrolls you back up to the top of the page, which, depending on your screen size, is a jump in the wrong direction). At the very least, I think that should jump the user down to the meat of the forum.

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I also think you can combine both banners you have now into one smaller banner so you have the "RStudio Community" with the 3 clickable icons all in one element. This still carries the same info, but will take up a lot less space on your screen.



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