Can someone please help me with plotting a graph on RStudio

I have never used this program before and have followed tutorials but I keep getting errors on my work and I don’t understand why. I was wondering if someone could help me understand what I am getting wrong and explain to me how to plot a graph with the dataset I have. I can send the picture via message Thank you in advance.

Can you post the type of graph you want?

Hi @rubasrosh47, we are happy to help, but this is not enough information to go off of. Could you be more specific about what you are trying to do and the issues you are running into? Also, it is much better for you to share your actual code that you are using rather than a picture that someone has to type out for themselves :slightly_smiling_face:

Mark Gingrass has a video (among many) on YouTube demonstrating how to use dput() to share a reproducible sample of your data frame. is a great resource that has sample graphs w code.

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