Can shinyapp (deployed in download and read google sheets data?

Can shiny app (deployed in download and read google sheets data everytime it is being run?

I am using the code as below and works locally, but not when it is being ran at


drive_auth_config(active = FALSE)
drive_download(as_id("id_of_file"),overwrite = TRUE)
data <- read_excel("filename.xlxs")

This line works locally because is sourcing a local file with your API key and secret, but that file doesn't exist in the server, you would have to log by other method like drive_auth()

I guess you saw this amazing article?

Thanks for pointing that out.

Would support downloading and reading files from Gdrive if i were to use drive_auth instead?

Thanks @woodward, i've came across that article. But the library 'googlesheets' don't work for me in my local environment, which is why I opt for 'googledrive' instead.

I don't think 'googledrive' allows modifying files remotely.