Can not upload images

Hi, somehow I am no longer able to upload images onto my command area. I use

knitr::include_graphics("../Reports2020/logoCEA.png") but the error message is: "unable to find the file". I´ve double check and the path is correct.

Any suggestions?

The syntax is correct

#> Error in knitr::include_graphics("../gladstone.jpg"): Cannot find the file(s): "../gladstone.jpg" # because `reprex`
# in console returns
# > knitr::include_graphics("../gladstone.jpg") 
# [1] "../gladstone.jpg"
# attr(,"class")
# [1] "knit_image_paths" "knit_asis"

but you are not in the directory within the R session that is under ... Check with

getwd() # or

Ok, thanks. I fixed it, I think. My other problem is that now I am not able to visualize it below each chunk when I run it. However, the console does not give any error message. I bet have to wait until I knit the whole document to see if it was good. Cheers

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