can not save my network as XGMML in


I have a very basic question.

I have a network which is an igraph object I want to save it as XGMML file. When I run the following command, locally I get an xgmml file in the directory of my app, (www folder). But when I deploy it to the I no longer get an xgmml file in my directory. How can I fix that issue?

saveNetwork(network = ntwrk, name="network", file = "network", type="XGMML")

Appreciate your support!
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I have downloaded the network plot as png, using the downloadHandler and this command:

 output$downloadNetwork <- downloadHandler(
          filename = function() {
          content = function(file) {
            plot(ntwrk, vertex.color = "pink", vertex.size =  node_size, edge.width = 1, vertex.label.font = 2, vertex.label = node_label) 

I want to correct what I said in he previous post, as I do not want to save the network, but download it as xgmml file. Is there a way to do that?

Highly appreciate your help!
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Karni Bedirian