Can not open my project in R Studio Cloud

HI , I am trying to load my project ( but it does not load,

Please help me-


Can you please provide more details on what you are seeing?

If you log out, then log back in, does the behavior change?

If you try another browser (or incognito mode of the same browser) does the behavior change?

Sorry you are experiencing trouble, thanks for your patience while we figure this out.


Hi Sam!!

I' ve been able to open my project in crome browser.
But I couldn't in explorer browser.


What error do you see (or what message is on the screen while it waits?) What version of the browser are you using?


I'am using Microsoft Edge Browser. I can't load in this browser (doesn't load)


When you say "doesn't load" is it stuck on a screen that says "Opening Project" (or "Resuming Project")? Or, do you see the IDE but nothing is populated? If you have a screen shot, that will help narrow the issue down.

One possible fix isto clear your cookies and try again.


I can confirm this behaviour. I can log in to RStudio Cloud and navigate through the Personal Workspace but when I try to open a project the service just keeps displaying "Opening Project" forever. I'm on MS Edge v44.17763.831.0, running on Windows 10.

Curiously, RStudio Cloud seems to be working just fine in Internet Explorer v11 on the same computer.

I can't run any other browser on this computer due to employer restrictions but working in the same project in Chrome on another computer works just fine.

Windows 10 Enterprise (10.0.17134) - browsers: Edge (42.17134.1098.0) and Firefox (60.3.0esr (32-bit)) - 'Open Project' keep going and never open any of my projects. However, in Intenet Explorer 'R Studio Cloud' works fine !

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