can not find function "export" in shiny server

I am trying to plot a 2D figure and then export it as a png graphy in a web application using shiny. The coding snapping is as following.

p <- plot_ly(data = pca.df, x =pca.df[,paste0('Axis',sel.xaxis)], y = pca.df[,paste0('Axis',sel.yaxis)], mode = "markers",color = ~popnames,marker=~list(size=8,color=color),text=~paste0('Ind. name= ',ind.names,"\n ,Pop:", popnames))
export(p,file = "pca_2_1.png")

The coding works fine if I run it locally in Rstudio,
but when I try to run it via a URL link (this link connect to a linux server, where shiny server installed), I get the error that the function export can not find. How could I install the package in shiny server? Which package does function"export" belong to in r?
Is there any one could help?
Thank you.
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4.7.900 (plotly version) and above includes the orca() function (replacing the export() function), which exports images locally, but requires the processx package. See plotly documentation

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