Can no longer click on data table in Environment Pane (MacOS)

Running MacOS Mojave: 10.14.6
RStudio 1.2.5001 Build 1440

I can no longer click on a table in the environment pane to open it.
All other clicks work; i.e. checkboxes, headers (title, type, etc.)
When I manually open the file in the viewer the tab just says "title" rather than the table name.
This is new behavior.
I have tried the previous version of RStudio: 1.1.463 and see similar problems, so I'm guessing it's a Mojave issue.
I've rebooted the computer and restarted RStudio, cleared the environment and reloaded, all with no change to the behavior.
It's not fatal but it's annoying and gives me concern that there may be other glitches hiding under the hood.

Upon further exploration, the tables which show "title" in the viewer tab are tables which had been saved with the environment. Cleaning the environment and reloading the table from .csv results in a proper file name in the viewer tab. No tables saved with the environment show the proper name in the viewer tab. I tested this with several cleans and reloads, session kills, R restarts, etc.
However, despite loading the table from scratch, there is no "Data" section in the Environment pane, and there is a checkbox in front of the table loaded from .csv instead of the usual blue "run" icon.

I have tried various combinations of older versions of R and RStudio, and the observed issues still exist. This reinforces the probability that the issue is a result of the recent upgrade to Mojave:
System Version: macOS 10.14.6 (18G95)
Kernel Version: Darwin 18.7.0

This sounds like an issue caused by the latest release of R (3.6.0) and should also be fixed in the latest release of RStudio (v1.2.5001). If you haven't already, you can consider updating to see if the issue is indeed fixed for you:

Thanks, Kevin,
R (3.6.1) and RStudio (v1.2.5001) running on MacOS (10.14.6) have seemingly fixed the problem.

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