Can Metafor be used for Meta-analysis of proportions?

  1. can metafor be used to perform a meta-analysis of proportions? If yes, how, please?
    There is a section on MA of proportions in the information about the package, but I can't see instructions for how to proceed?

  2. Is it possible to use Mantel-Haenszel for pooling in a random effects model?

  3. Is it possible to demonstrate weighting of individual studies in a GLMM meta-analysis?


When using Metaprop in the meta package:

  1. When using a generalised linear mixed model is it possible to show the weighting? Either in a column on the right or by the size of the squares demonstrating individual study ES on the plot?

  2. In my forest plots, the line of using the metaprop function, the row printing the 'heterogeneity and I2 and tau squared is long, and extends and overlaps onto the x-axis line and labels.
    Is it possible to increase the spacing between the rows at the bottom of the forest plot (when the overall effect and heterogeneity are listed)?


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