Can I use R to apply a for loop on a script in sql using a connection

Please, let me use this example to explain my question


Tables are formed when we do.
sqlQuery(con,"SELECT * FROM Analytics.dbo1.Data") or sqlQuery(con,"SELECT * FROM Lato.dbo2.prediction")

Hence two tables will be formed. For my project, I have over 100 tables and doing "SELECT * for each would be eternity.

So I want to run a for loop in this way, but still didn't work.

for(i in 1:2){Table[i]= sqlQuery(con,"SELECT * FROM (schema[i].dbo_name[i].Table_name[i])")'

This still didn't work, please what am I getting wrong?

You need some additional technology like that provided by glue_sql for such a thing to work.

This resource may be of help too

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