Can I use "popharvest" package for mammals too?


I am trying to find a way to develop an index for harvest of mammals and I came across a paper which talks about 'popharvest' package but it is specifically mentioned for birds. . Is there a possibility of using this package for mammals too? Any suggestion is appreciated.


The only constraint on the use of the methodology that I could see was at Eq. (4) where a default value of 1 for S_j for the average annual survival for birds aged 1 year to α is provided, subject to an optional (fixed) argument surv.j. Whether data or the literature provides a suitable basis for the selection of that value is something I can't comment on.

Is there anything similar used for mammals as a Sustainable harvest index? or a method to evaluate it? Thank you so much for your help.

fishmethods::catchmsy} might be adaptable with suitable catch and resilience data.

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