Can I use a PCA on data containing both depths and dates?

Hi! I am currently working with a dataset on a lake. We sampled the lake at different dates and different depths. I want to run a PCA, since I have a lot of data for the different depths and dates. The screenshot shows the data in excel, just to clarify what type of data I have.

So my current problem is that I do not know if these data will work well with a PCA. My worry is that the data will be misinterpreted. I am a beginner with R, but would love some feedback if this dataset seems plausible for a PCA analysis in R-studio:) Thanks in advance.

PCA is particularly useful when you have high dimensions, think number of types of measurements, i.e. variables, it seems you have a fairly low dimensional object, with only 4 variable,s in a time series.

I would be suprised if PCA is a good way to achieve your goals, but its very unclear and ambigious what your goals are, perhaps you can say more about that.

As you have a time series, I would expect you would be engaged with time series regression approaches, but this is pure speculation without understanding your aims, and challenges.

Generally speeking data science, whether in business or academically should have one or more specific questions in mind. What question are you trying to answer ?

Hi sorry! The picture is only a snippet. I have about 20 variables. My goal is to see if there is any connection between the variables.

Hi @Aurora99 , here you have a good example of make PCA.

PCA Example

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