Can I keep sections of R Presentation in different files?

I am working on a presentation and I have chosen to use R-presentations via the RStudio IDE

With big project reports in LaTeX, I have previously broken down the report in sections in separate files and then had a 'master' file importing each section. This allows for faster compilation time and better overview

Is it possible to do something similar in R-presentations?

(I have several sections using Keras and it is getting quite slow to compile the presentation. I know I can cashing, but that sometimes messes up the plots)

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Yes you can @Leon! Since underneath Rpres we're fooling around with rmarkdown, you can simply use the following syntax to split your presentation into sections (Note the '#' to avoid breaking code example):

Master Presentation
author: Martin Seamus
date: October 21 2015
autosize: true


First master slide

#```{r child = 'section_1.Rpres'}

#```{r child = 'section_2.Rpres'}

#```{r child = 'section_n.Rpres'}