Can I get metric data for more than 3 months?

I'm on the basic plan of Right now I can only see recent usage metric for up to 3 months. Did data older than 3 months got discarded already? Is it possible to get more metric data?

I tried the API inquiry, but it seemed only have 3 months data even I specified an earlier from date.

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In the dashboard only 3 months of metrics are available. Using the rsconnect API you should be able to access up to 120 days. Here is an example using rsconnect:

rsconnect::accountUsage('my-account', from = '120d', interval = '30d')

Please note that retrieving more than 3 months of data is not officially supported at this time so this functionality may be removed in the future.

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Thanks, the API inquiry I used actually returned 4 months data.

As for the accountUsage function, is hours the only available metric? I didn't find any more document about the detail of this parameter.

The user guide gave examples on showMetrics and I was using that function previously.

Yes hours is currently the only metric for account usage. In addition to the showMetrics function you can retrieve account and application usage via the API. The rsconnect documentation has details that may be helpful:

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OK. Thanks for the information!