Can I combine console pane with Plot and Viewer

I was wondering is there a way I can combine console tab with plot and viewer, So that I can see graph output or console output at full screen like everytime I need it.

I always have to resize my window if I create a graph or print a dataframe. This way it could auto switch between tabs. There is no direct option to it I guess.

Can we do it?

Unfortunately I don't know a way to do this either and it sounds like something that would have to be developed. However, you can detach the source editor pane (icon just to the left of the save icon), so you may be able to arrange the windows that somewhat fit the layout you are looking for.

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There are two issues relating to this in the GitHub tracker, if you want to monitor progress or vote/comment:

(The first link also has an illustration of the workaround @jrlewi mentioned in the discussion)