Can I adjust location of y axis label or whole graph in 'Plots' window?

I made a graph like this. I made y axis label bigger by using 'cex' element.
And the problem is, as you can see, the y axis label has been cut out. I think this is gonna be ok if I export the graph with function. But for in case that I just want to capture it or see at there, I want to know if there is any option or command that adjusting the location of graph to the right(There are some space that I can use, since I didn't make axis on the right).

And in addition, can I adjust only axis label to the left? The reason I asking about this is, if I grow the y axis gradiations, it will likely to overlap the label.

I hope someone tell me about this. Thank you

Try using this code and see if it fixes the problem

... +
  theme(axis.title.y = element_text(size = 30))

I typed

plot(sort(df$freq, decreasing = T))

and got that plot.
And after added code you gave me, got 'NULL' message on console and there wasn't any change.

Aaah the code I provided can used in ggplot; you are using plot instead. Is there any reason not to use ggplot?
If you are not comfortable with, you can provide me part of your df using dput(head(yourdf,10))so that I can write the code for you.

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