can anyone teach me how to working on this please

  1. Load this dataset in R ]. Is the data set a balanced panel? Explain. Hint: Look through the dataset or use the is.pbalanced() function.
  2. The index of political democracy/political freedom is labeled dem_ind.
    a. What is the value of dem_ind for Ausralia in 2000? What is the average
    of dem_ind for the Australia over all years in the data set?
    b. How many missing values are there for dem_ind?
    Hint: You can identify missing values using the function.

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Hey rahaverse!

Congrats on your first post in posit community! I know it's kind of tricky to navigate and how to properly frame a question but generally you need some simulated data or a reprex (reprex-ing with {datapasta} ๐Ÿ ยท Mara Averick) in each post. This helps contributors to address your question. Specifically, they will be able to reproduce it in their R environment and work out a solution to help. Follow that reprex link and then frame your question. I would be happy to help, if I can.