can anyone explain format in ggplot2

I wrote both codes,both give same results , so was it just coincidence or both formats are correct?
ggplot(data = penguins,aes(x=flipper_length_mm,y=body_mass_g))+geom_point()
ggplot(data=penguins) + geom_point(mapping = aes(x=flipper_length_mm,,y=body_mass_g))

Both are the same. The difference will be if you add any further objects: in the first example the aesthetic mapping is inherited by further objects, but not in the second.

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Like said @martin.R , are the same. Im could add extra comment says that in ggplot(data=penguins) you could specify the data frame and the next others geom_ you put only the names of variables in aes.

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