Can any .md file be set to autodisplay in a github repo the way that a README file does?

If I render my .Rmd output as a github_document it saves as an .md file. I would like this .md file to automatically display its content in github the way that a file does. This would highlight the actual output of my analysis, but I am unsure of how to make .md files autodisplay when they are not README files.

Any .md can be displayed on GITHUB. Not just . Only the extension matters, and the markdown flavor should be GFM which github_document converts to.

Did you try already to see how it looks on github ?

Take this example:

The is on full display by default.

The is not on display until the file is clicked.

Oh I see, you mean that Github gives a preview by default in a repo folder.

In that case, I think it works with filename indeed . It is a special file considered by Github

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