Camelcase word cursor movement

Hello all! I am using RStudio 1.1.383 in Ubuntu 16.04. When using Eclipse, Ctrl+Right arrow and Ctrl+Left arrow move the cursor one word right or left respecting camelcase. Other IDEs like IntelliJ don't have this behaviour by default, but can be activated by checking CamelHumps on the settings. I'll illustrate this behaviour with an example. Let's suppose that this symbol represents the cursor: ┃. If I have written the following word:
, then Ctrl+left arrow would move the cursor like this:
My question is, do you know a way of making cursor navigation respect camelcase words in RStudio's editor? Is it OS dependant?
Many thanks!

Thanks for the kind words!

We haven't implemented this kind of navigation, partly because there isn't one globally accepted style guide for R code -- some prefer camelCase, others snake_case, and some even

Nonetheless, thanks for requesting this and we'll see if we can make time to implement this sometime in the future.

Thank you for you answer! I'd be great to have the feature in RStudio some time in the future