Calling R functions in Excel: existing tools and their limitations

My work team has been exploring ways to produce a solution that would allow Excel users to call R functions in Excel. The tool has to meet several criteria, including:

  • be robust, stable and user-friendly,
  • should require little maintenance,
  • should not depend on unreliable third-party providers and
  • show good performance (e.g., passing a matrix of 5000 * 365 elements from Excel to R and returning such a matrix from R to Excel with little latency).
    After extensive research and several trials, we have not found a solution that meets these criteria.

We tried these ready solutions:

We also tried building our own solution with these tools:

  • Microsoft.R.Host.Client.API: DataTechNotes: How to Run R Script from C# Program in a Session. Main limitation: draft work and not supported anymore
  • Building our own add-in using .NET framework 4.6.1, ExcelDna.AddIn and ExcelDna.Integration. Main limitation: instability
  • Calling R functions using JSON objects. Main limitation: not user-friendly and poor performance.

What viable solutions for calling R functions in Excel are available apart from those aforementioned?

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