Calling Functions from selectInput

I have a large number of functions that I would like to apply by calling them from selectInput, and with the arguments for the function coming from other selectInputs. Unfortunately, when I try and pass the arguments they are treated as characters as opposed to variables. This produces errors, such as " no applicable method for 'arrange_' applied to an object of class "character"" Am I missing something simple, here?
Ultimately, I want the results output to a DT::datatable.

# libraries ---------------------------------------------------------------

# data --------------------------------------------------------------------
data <- tribble(
  ~ds, ~fn,
  "mtcars", "fn1",
  "mtcars", "fn2",
  "iris", "fn2",
  "iris", "fn3"

# functions ---------------------------------------------------------------
fn1 <- function(y){
  output <- arrange(y, mpg)
  return("output" = output)

fn2 <- function(y){
  output <- y %>%

fn3 <- function(y){
  output <- y %>%
    filter(Species == "setosa")

# ui ----------------------------------------------------------------------
ui <- fluidPage(
  selectInput("dataset", "Select a Dataset", choices = unique(data$ds)),
  selectInput("fun", "Select a Function", choices = NULL),
  actionButton("save", "Save Changes")  

# server ------------------------------------------------------------------
server <- function(input, output, session){
  vals <- reactiveValues(x = NULL)
  dm <- reactive({
    filter(data, ds == input$dataset)
  observeEvent(dm(), {
    choices <- unique(dm()$fn)
    updateSelectInput(session, "fun", choices = choices)
  data1 <- reactive({
    if(is.null(input$fun)) {
           fn1 = fn1(input$dataset),
           fn2 = fn2(input$dataset),
           fn3 = fn3(input$dataset)
  output$table <- DT::renderDT({
    vals$x <- data.frame(data1()$output, check.names = FALSE)
              escape = FALSE,
              selection = "none",
              editable = TRUE,
              options = list(
                dom = "Bfrtip",
                paging = TRUE
  }, server = FALSE)  

shinyApp(ui, server)

Your choices for "fun" is NULL should this be unique(data$fn)?

And in your switch statement try to change fn1 = fn1(input$dataset) to "fn1" = fn1(input$dataset).

The choices for "fun" populate once the "dataset" has been selected.

Unfortunately, adding the quotes to fn1, does not resolve the issue either.

Thank you for the input, though.

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