Calling external Rmd file suppresses code but does not suppress headings


I am calling an external markdown like so:

{r autodoc, child='/Users/Santi/Desktop/rProjects/dissertation/analysis/big5Analysis.Rmd', eval=TRUE, include=F}

When I do so the headings from the external file are pasted at the top of the HTML page. How do I suppress those headings (non-bold in screenshot)?


Screenshot 2020-07-06 14.06.09


{r, code = readLines(knitr::purl("/Users/Santi/Desktop/rProjects/dissertation/analysis/big5DataInspection.Rmd")), eval=TRUE, include=F}

from: How to Put All Your Code in the Appendix in R Markdown - Yihui Xie | 谢益辉

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