Call SHINY with parameters from an other application (not SHINY)


I am not a SHINY user, but have the task of calling SHINY from another tool in such a way that the data already selected in the other tool is used in SHINY to immediately display the matching data in SHINY.
Is this possible?
Is there a description of an API through which such a call can be made?

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I would guess that the most straightforward approach is to have your 'other tool' write its selected data to a database that shiny can be polling and displaying the changes therein.

thank you, but all the data is already in shiny. There are about 35.000 records per year for a "location", sometimes for 10 years. This data can be shown in a graph in SHINY. The task ist to open SHINY for this location and to show the graph without manually navigate to the location in SHINY.

You can pass URL parameters (e.g. to Shiny apps and read them this way

query <- parseQueryString(session$clientData$url_search)

Thank you! That works.

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