Calibrating dplyr filter depends on Sys.Date()

Hi all,
This is my code which filters tweets depends upon Sys.Date().
Problem in this code, after time passes 23:59 that is, new day stars. There will be no tweet or very limited tweets sended by people. So, filter does not give substantial result. My R shiny dashboard does not work.

Is it possible to run this code for example after 12:00? any suggestion?

Thank you all

tweetsday1<- tweetsday %>% dplyr::filter(tweetsday$date==(Sys.Date()))

I try to write if else command like below. However, it does not work. Could you possibly help me?

tweetsday1<- tweetsday %>% dplyr::filter(tweetsday$date==(Sys.Date()))

checknrow<-function(x) {
if (row <20) {tweetsday1<-tweetsday %>% dplyr::filter(tweetsday$date==(Sys.Date()-1))}
else {tweetsday1<-tweetsday %>% dplyr::filter(tweetsday$date==(Sys.Date()))}


Hi, can you provide a reproducible example of the dataset?

When using dplyr::filter you don't need tweetsday$, you shoud write it like this:

tweetsday %>% dplyr::filter(date==(Sys.Date()))

Hi @oktayozden
Best option would be to select the last 24 hours instead of working with days.
In my suggestion below, just replace tweets_df with the actual name of your dataframe, and harvested_date with the appropriate variable you have.
Things you may need to check:

  1. make sure your date format is parsed correctly (you may need to adapt ymd_hms)
  2. Check if any issue with time zones
  3. make clear in your UI that you're displaying the last 24 hours
library(tidyverse); library(lubridate)

tweets_df %>% 
  filter(as.double(difftime(now(), ymd_hms(harvested_date), units = "hours")) < 24)

If you need further help, follow the advice of @williaml and share a reprex with code and some actual data.


Thats great! thanks xvalda

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