Calculate and Output of Crude and Adjusted Odds Ratios and CI

I'm new to using R. Most of my past experience is with the CDC's EpiINFO package.

I've been involved in numerous medical studies wherein we generate tables showing both the crude odds ratio and an adjusted odds ratio for 3 to 10 negative outcomes, comparing a control group and two or more other groups. Typically, I would already have a table with a row for each outcome and a set of columns for each group. In each row, I would have the total of all members of each group, the number who experienced the negative outcome, the number that did not have the negative outcome. From these I can calculate the unadjusted odds ratio, even in Excel.

How to I use R to caclulate an adjusted odds ratio( and 95% confidence intervals) adjusting for age, race, state of residence, etc?

Ideally, I'd like a function that would produce an output in a single line that I could cut and paste into my Excel sheet that would show these eight values:
Crude OR, Lower 95% CI, Upper 95% CI, p, Adjusted OR, Lower 95% CI, Upper 95% , p

Does such a function or package exist?


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