"cairo" as default in ggsave & RStudio Plots pane in Windows?

Is it about time ggsave (and Plots window in RStudio) used type = 'cairo' by default in Windows? Default plots have terrible aliasing

ggplot(iris, aes(x = Petal.Width, y = Sepal.Length)) + 
    geom_point() +
    stat_smooth(method = "lm", col = "red") + 
    labs(title = "Normal") +
    ggsave("normal.png") +
    labs(title = "Cairo") +
    ggsave("cairo.png", type = "cairo")

(Notice aliasing around points and line in normal plot)

It would also be great if RStudio rendered plots with cairo in the plots pane.

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Thanks for the feature request! Would you mind filing this at https://github.com/rstudio/rstudio/issues, just so we don't lose track of it?