C stack too close to the limit error while running WQSrh

Hi. I keep receiving the same error message while trying to run the WQSrh function.
Below is my code.

When I ran the first code. I receive error message saying
Error: C stack usage 15929296 is too close to the limit

so the following code doesn't work
Could you help me solving this problem?

Thank you.

results111 = gwqsrh(hgbhp ~ wqs+newmnL+ageenv1+sexfr+momed+electenv1+logcrp_e, mix_name = metal_mix, data = metal, q = 5, validation = 0.6, b = 100, b1_pos = F, b1_constr = FALSE, family = "gaussian", seed = 2016)
# bar plot
# scatter plot y vs wqs
# scatter plot residuals vs fitted values

If you are running under a Unix-derivative OS, try increasing the ulimit setting through the shell. See man ulimit

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