Bypass login page in R-Studio Server


I have created a shiny application and want to bypass the login page of R-studio server before sharing it with my team. The solution on stack overflow doesn't work for me. Can anyone help me in understanding how to bypass the login page to r-studio server so that I can directly share the URL for the shiny app given by R-studio.

Har■■■■a Jhavar

If you want to share a Shiny app with others, you should host it outside RStudio Server entirely. You need Shiny Server instead:

You might also consider, which will allow you to put your app online without a server at all (RStudio hosts it on their servers).

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Hi Jonathan
Thanks for your reply but if for some reason, I want to use R studio server only, can I bypass it. What would be right settings in the rconfig file to bypass it and multiple users can access it at the same time

I think you might find the documentation for shiny::runApp() useful:

The host parameter was introduced in Shiny 0.9.0. Its default value of "" means that, contrary to previous versions of Shiny, only the current machine can access locally hosted Shiny apps. To allow other clients to connect, use the value "" instead (which was the value that was hard-coded into Shiny in 0.8.0 and earlier).

I would try:

runApp(host = "")

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