bvar package - trying to generate and plot proper FEVDs

Hello, I am trying to generate and plot FEVDs using the bvar package.

I know the command us:

run.yoy.f <- %>% select(c(2:4, 6:19, 21:24)) %>% 
  slice(67:134) %>% bvar(lags = 5, n_draw = 21000, n_burn = 1000, n_thin = 1,
                         priors = priors.yoy, mh = mh.yoy, verbose = TRUE)

#This is the fevd
result_fevds <- fevd(run.yoy.f )

Since the object is an bvar_fevd or an S3, how do I view the last set of estimates of the FEVD and potentially plot it?

Thank you.

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