Button Colour in connectwidgets

I am using the connectwidgets package to create cards in Connect. The syntax is super simple - just something like this:

sample_content %>%

I have tried .btn-primary, .btn, .btn-action & .btn-action-primary but I cannot seem to change the button colour itself though:

Any suggestions on what the right incantation is?

The following worked for me:   .btn-sm {background-color: red;}


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Ok so I had tried that but it wasn't working. On a hunch I tried it outside of the .scss file in a css chunk which works. The .scss file looked like this:

/*-- scss:defaults --*/

// Headings
$headings-color:    #653655 !default;

/*-- scss:rules --*/

.btn-sm {background-color: red;}

which is called in a quarto header like this:

title: "Untitled"
    theme: test.scss

I was only able to make it work like this:

.btn-sm {background-color: red;}

Now this is great in one sense because it unblocks me but it is still a bit confusing. I feel like it should work in the .scss file.