Bundesbank package working on one PC but returns an error on another PC

I am running a simple command using Bundesbank package:


It works perfectly on one machine but returns an error when I run it on another machine. Error reproduced hereunder.

Downloading data from Bundesbank ... done
Error in doc0[, 1L] : incorrect number of dimensions

I am running the same version of R studio and same version of the Bundesbank package.

Any idea what the solution could be?

I thank you in advance.


if you paste the following string into a webrowser, once on each machine, do they give identical csv file downloaded ?


Thats what the getSeries command is trying to do...

Thanks for your reply. Yes the URL works. I can download the CSV file but the R-command still does not work.

That's almost a shame as it was my best guess what might be going wrong for you.
Unreproducible errors are notoriously hard to fix...
The package author has a space to raise issues (though no one has done so yet)

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