Bunchit - Problems with x-axis and value labels

Dear all,
I use the bunchit package and have some issues with the scale and format of my axes and their labels.
Bunchit itself works fine but I don't know how to adjust the scale of the x-axis. Using "scale_x_continuous" with "limits" like with "ggplot" is not working. In bunchit itself, one can only adjust the y-axis with "p_miny" and "p_maxy".
Does anyone know if there is a possibility to manually adjust and set the limits of the x-axis which appear on my output graph?

The second issue I have is regarding the format of the axes labels. The value labels of my x-axis appear as 3e+05 but I wish to have it as 300,000. The normal "labels=comma" command does not work.
Does anyone know if there is a way to adjust the format of the x-axis labels in bunchit?

My bunchit command so far looks like the following:

bunchit(z_vector = bunching_data$profit, zstar = 24500, binwidth = 100, 
        bins_l = 85, bins_r = 85, bins_excl_l = 3, bins_excl_r = 3, poly = 5, t0 = 0, t1 = .2, rn = c(10000),
        p_xtitle = "Trade tax rounded (in Euro)", p_ytitle = "Bin count",
        p_freq_size = 0.3, p_cf_size = 0.3, p_freq_msize = 0.5, p_zstar_size = 0.3, p_cf_color = "red", p_zstar_color = "black", p_domregion_color = "black", p_e = TRUE,
        p_b = TRUE, p_axis_title_size = 5, p_axis_val_size = 5, p_b_e_xpos = 30000, p_b_e_ypos = 2300)

Thank you very much in advance for your time and help!

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