Build plumber script for azure devops


I am new to R programming language. I am using plumber to develop function that will be exposed as REST API.

My issue happened when i want to build the project, i have installed devtools to handle those task :

Please see bellow in yellow where the check blocked :

Is it possible to skip this step or is it possible to know what is happening ?


I found that when i remove the R directory, the build seems the works well, is it possible to tell check to skip R/ folder

Is 'astroPricingTravel' the name of the package you're building?

I don't see an error message in the image posted, but it's difficult to read. For subsequent error messages, please post them as text. The preformatted text markup will keep it monospaced.

What is the problem with the highlighted step? I think that step is creating a temporary directory, copying the package files there, and attempting to install the package into the from there.

If you're using plumber for a simple task, calling plumb on the r file might be sufficient. Are you building a package to better manage the collection of functions?

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