Buggy display in Rstudio workbench in Microsoft Edge


I am experiencing an annoying behavior in RStudio Workbench (ie the server/web-based version of RStudio) which I hope you could help me resolve. When I access our locally-hosted RStudio Workbench in Microsoft Edge, the text in any terminal panel is invisible because it is displayed using the same color as the background. The terminal is active and accepts commands (I can confirm that by copy/pasting the content of the terminal to another text editor). All other panels of Workbench display textual content just fine. I have tested many appearance schemes... all have a similar behavior.
The issue is specific to Microsoft Edge and does not happen in Safari (I am using a Mac) or Chrome. I cleared anything I could in terms of browser data or cache and restarted by browser and machine. The problem is persistent.

I suspect some form of "overload" of the terminal history... but I don't know how to clean that.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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